Do not call or text after 11:00pm

Calling/Texting after hours is extremely disrespectful.  failure to abide by this rule will result in your number being blocked. 

Do not call for sex

You will be blocked

Do not be rude

You will be blocked

Do not ask for discounts

If you cant afford this service, please move along.

Do not be creepy

Displaying psychotic, stalking, or abusive behaviour will get you reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Do not rush the process

This is exactly why appointments exist.

Do not compare

If you do not like what you see, and are offended by the rates/prices, please keep your opinion to yourself.

Do not chain text

Everyone is entitled to a minimum amount of text messages.  Prolonging unnecessary & useless texts are not allowed.  There are other serious clients who are waiting for my well deserved time. 

Do not do no shows

If you know for a fact you wont make it, please do not waste my time. Having me waiting, only to not show up is very selfish, and it holds up the line for others. 

Do not ask my prices

All prices are boldly listed on all ads, and this website. No mistake have been made, and there is no typo on the rates.
Constantly messaging to double check if the price is real,  can get really annoying.

Do not ask me to send pics

You can view professional images of me on the social media provided. 

Do not ask for more

The services provided does not exceed beyond massage